Foundations are extremely important when it comes to siting you’re new building, if there are any errors it could cause miss alignments and poor building finishes. Portable buildings must have foundations to withstand their weight. The heavier the building is the more foundations will be required.

SJ Stanberry & Sons Ltd recognises the importance of foundations that’s why you can rely on us to site your building with no concerns. There are usually two methods in which we carry out foundations and generally its through the customers choice, however we will discuss the best options with you at a site visit.

Foundations are usually constructed by either of the following methods:

Method 1 – Blocks, shims and adjustable jacks are placed beneath the building at regular intervals to support the building. The amount of foundations depends on the building size and this method will usually be used on a firm flat site, i.e. Playground.

Method 2 – Square holes would be excavated and filled with concrete to produce concrete piers. These piers would be in a regular pattern to support the building. The amount of piers would again depend on the building size.

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